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I offer 15 years of intuitive insight and am always developing, including adding shamanic techniques, energy healing, and hypnotherapy and training with the world’s best, including the wonderful intuitive, Laura Day. Because the world needs all of us to be our best selves.

You can spend hours and years in therapy, or see what an intuitive or healing session can do for you. If you’re in crisis or have been struggling a long time, consider what a Soul Transformation Package can do for you.

All services must be prepaid. Payment can be made in person by cash or check if arranged with me, but appointments must be guaranteed by Credit Card or PayPal, and will be refunded if you pay in person at time of appointment. No exceptions.

Note: Credit card or PayPal transactions incur a 3.5% transaction fee for all sessions.

Intuitive Services: Personal and Business, Mediumship, Animal Communication, Nature Consultations, Space Clearing, Intuitive Mentoring

    • $165/hour
    • $85/half hour
    • $45/fifteen minutes (phone/email, one question)
    • Plus 3.5% transaction fee for credit cards/PayPal
  • A $75 emergency fee in addition to animal communication sessions for lost animals or animals in crisis.
  • Sessions include:
    • 15-minute email follow-up within one week (for one hour sessions only)
    • custom audio recording related to your session
    • $400 for homes (contact me, smaller homes take less time, so cost is reduced)
    • $400 for businesses, plus $165/hour to consult with management and employees
  • Travel fee of $25 applies.
  • Plus a 3.5% transaction fee for credit cards and PayPal.
  • Sessions include:
    • A discussion of needs, the clearing, feedback, and remote check-in/clearing/healing one week later to support the clearing as needed (especially in paranormal investigations)
    • Telephone/email follow-up, which includes additional clearing if needed, and always additional energy work
    • Pre-session and post-session healing and clearing

Spiritual Services: Soul Regression Hypnotherapy, Soul Progression Clearing Sessions, Spiritual Counseling, including shamanic techniques and energy healing (Reiki and crystal energy)

  • $165/Soul Progression Clearing, 1 hour session (includes recording)
  • $280/Past Life Regression, Spiritual Counseling session (2 hours), plus follow-up, for approximately 3 hours (a $50 savings off a two hour rate, plus an additional savings of $165)
  • Plus a 3.5% transaction fee for PayPal or credit cards.
  • Sessions include:
    • Preparation time (energetic, diagnostic)
    • Email or phone follow-up
    • Custom hypnosis/energetic/intuitive recording

Package sessions for deep growth, transformation, coaching:

  • Soul Transformation Package (3 sessions, 2 hours each, plus additional three hours of prep and follow-up time outside of session): $650 (a savings of $190, plus an additional savings of $165).
  • Plus a 3.5% transaction fee for PayPal or credit cards.
  • Package Includes:
    • Preparation time (energetic, diagnostic)
    • Phone/email follow-up
    • Custom hypnosis/energetic/intuitive recording


  • Prep for our session by avoiding alcohol/drugs 24 hours before.
  • Write a list of questions/issues (see relevant website pages).
  • Give yourself a break the day of our session: if you can, make it the major activity of the day. At the very least, plan to take some time for yourself that evening, including salt bathing.
  • Phone or Skype sessions work just fine; I prefer Skype because we can see each other.
  • I have talked with the dead the same day they transitioned, but you might consider giving yourself (and them) at least a few weeks for the energies to settle out.
  • Something always happens in a session, but not necessarily what you expect. Come prepared to experience a heightened connection to all life.
  • All sessions must be prepaid via PayPal or credit card.
  • Missed sessions are not refundable. My time is valuable: and so is yours.
  • A session with Robyn M Fritz means you agree that you are in good mental health.
  • Hypnotherapy sessions require paperwork signed by you and by Robyn M Fritz in accordance with Washington State law.
  • I do not take insurance.
  • Weirdly, some people think this work is legally all about entertainment, and not about soul connection and soul growth, including personal development. So to make the legal people happy, think of it that way. Sessions can be fun, even when they’re dealing with heartbreaking things, like impending or recent loss. But this is serious, legitimate work that changes lives for the better, so please come prepared to take another step on the road to becoming your best self. Because you’re worth it! Legal weirdos notwithstanding.


Do you have a question about how we can help you? Please use the form below to contact me. Thank you!


Our mutual privacy is paramount. I do not share email or personal addresses with anyone for any reason, unless you specifically ask me to forward it to someone.

If I use an experience with you to tell a story, it will only be anonymously and only after I receive your permission and the permission of the being I spoke with for you. Sometimes these stories are intensely personal and too sensitive to you to share, and the beings we speak with are quick to acknowledge that. Many times these stories bring hope to others in unexpected ways, so please consider that if I ask you to share.

First is our mutual acknowledgment that we transform community in cooperation with all life. Our integrity—our good name and our reputation—is part of that acknowledgment. Let’s hold faith together. Your information is safe with me. We assume that we are also safe with you. And so we build community!

I am in Seattle, Washington, PST. Please keep that in mind when calling me!

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